Saturday, March 03, 2007

Autograph Ink

Slowly Signifier/Signed is getting some attention. Thanks to the sites who have linked me up:

• Brian Cubbison of the Syracuse, NY, Post-Standard files it under "Unclear on the concept, but cool in a weird way."

• The Morning News throws up a link.

Yahoo Picks offered a nice write-up in January.

• "I love this one," says The Rochester, MN, Post Bulletin.

• Art blogger Leslie K. Brown has a nice writeup, spotlighting Annie Sprinkle's contribution to the project.

• PlaceboKatz, another excellent artblog, picks up on what may be a flaw in the plan: "Most of the signatures come as highrez pictures, ideal too sign your cheques."

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LKB said...

Thanks Paul! I came across you via the Walker. Great writing and ideas on the Walker blog, your blog, and this great project. I am a new blogger and am enjoying being a part of the community very much. If in Boston, stop on by the Photographic Resource Center! Cheers, Leslie